Light therapy is a non- invasive treatment that delivers clinically proven therapeutic light energy for rejuvenating and corrective benefits such as:
  • * Boosting Collagen and elastin production
  • * Accelerating cell renewal
  • * Treating acne and break outs
  • * Controlling Inflammation
  • * Calming irritation and reducing redness
  • * Reducing hyperpigmentation
  • * Increasing wellbeing
Treatment guide:
  • Intensive skin activation programme to target specific concerns. 12 x 30 min treatments are recommended 2-3 times per week for optimum results.
  • Boost your skin with a course of 3 individual sessions to revitalise and revistalise the skin or calm complexion.
  • Combine with another treatment to enhance and accelerate results with your regular skin treatment.
Intensive course of 12 £45
Boost individual session (course of 3 recommended) £485
Combine with another skin treatment £35